And no industry will be safe from the disruptive force it will unleash. New markets will emerge, old strangleholds will die, and ideas that were impractical yesterday will be invaluable tomorrow.




You know your market, and you know how augmented reality might impact it, but you may not have the team you need to get ahead of the problem.  

We have insider knowledge of emerging platforms, extensive experience to evaluate what's real (and what's not), and unique access to HMD (Head Mounted Display) tech. 


Strike while the iron is hot

You know that it's coming, but it's incredibly easy to underestimate just how fast this thing is going to hit. Pokemon Go exploded overnight on the App Store; the Hololens and Magic Leap are imminent. If you're going to be a player, now is the right time to step onto the stage.

We'd love to pool resources with you, but first you'll need to introduce yourself.

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