Fracture is the result of YETi's early HTML5 research and development initiative.

Patterns of power stitch together the fabric of space and time. Can you connect the power nodes before the system fractures and plunges us all into eternal darkness?! The fate of the universe is in your hands!

Fracture is an abstract arcade puzzle game... in space! Your goal is to complete connections between power nodes without crossing the same path more than once. Regions become solid as surrounding connections are made, but begin to break and eventually fracture if those paths are crossed too many times. The challenge is to find the perfect path through the system and, on the upper levels, to avoid the ever-pursuant enemies. Can you connect all the power nodes without causing any fractures?

Fracture is an HTML5 game developed by YETi CGI and published by Spil Games.


Play Fracture at

Play Fracture at