YETi CGI Partners with National Geographic to Teach Kids Game Design

YETi CGI Partners with National Geographic to Teach Kids Game Design

YETi CGI has signed a multiyear licensing agreement with National Geographic to create and launch Puzzle Explorer, a new, National Geographic branded, interactive puzzle game for  teaching children to design and build interactive puzzles on web and mobile platforms.

“YETi is thrilled to partner with National Geographic to bring interactive education to a global audience through an engaging digital media experience,” said Ward Makielski, president of YETi CGI. “Access to National Geographic’s world-class content and expertise has given us a unique opportunity to deliver fun and meaningful learning while working with a well-respected and recognizable brand.”

Read the press release from National Geographic here

About Puzzle Explorer

Travel the world to explore fascinating environments and the many culturally-inspired interactions found at each location. Locations provide a simple set of game piece building blocks and rich instruction to teach young users how to quickly and easily assemble puzzles of their own design to challenge themselves and share with others. 

Much like a building block play set, Puzzle Explorer empowers children’s imaginations to create their own narrative and customized experience. First, young users are taken step by step through easy-to-follow multimedia instructions teaching them how individual pieces can be used and combined to create complex, fun interactions. Then, by slowly adding more features and complexity at each location, these young users gain experience and insight into interactive design and problem solving. These basic logic skills are the foundations of computer science and a path toward learning to use technology as a toolset for discovering the world around them.