YETi and Puzzle Explorer at SXSW

From March 13-15, YETi had a booth at the SXSW Gaming Expo where we exhibited National Geographic's Puzzle Explorer, a game we are developing in partnership with National Geographic to teach kids about game design. With its unique curriculum that teaches rapid prototyping, creative problem-solving skills, and foundational logic by allowing kids to design their own game levels, Puzzle Explorer proved to be very popular at the SXSW Gaming Expo. We had many young focus-testers and play-testers who were excited about the game and provided great feedback! We had a great time and are truly grateful! 

We were also honored to have Game Design Ed with us at the booth! Game Design Ed is helping us design Puzzle Explorer (both the game and the curriculum). Be sure to follow him on Twitter and like his page on Facebook! He provides many great game design resources!  

Additionally, Game Design Ed has graciously offered to start an email list for Puzzle Explorer. For all those interested in additional information on Puzzle Explorer and the possibility of helping us BETA test Puzzle Explorer, please sign up for the Puzzle Explorer Mailing List at