YETi's Beacon Bucket Brigade Demo at GDC Next 2014

Next week, YETi will have a booth at GDC Next where we will be demonstrating some of our products and capabilities. We wanted to give you an early peek at our Beacon Bucket Brigade prototype.

Here's a video demonstration: 


This demo shows iOS multi-device interactions that do NOT rely on networked connectivity. In other words, if the app is installed and active, the devices “find” each other based on proximity.

To our knowledge, this is the first implementation that uses this kind of technology with this type of interaction.

We are deliberately showing this with minimal graphics so as not to confuse the interaction, and intend to “skin” the interactions based on client needs and intellectual properties.

This proof of concept forms the basic interactivity of a much larger initiative we are pushing at YETi to develop ambient gaming and augmented play experiences – something we’d very much like to discuss further if there is interest on your end.

At least, hopefully you find this to be an interesting novelty. At best, we see that this could spark a revolution in how people interact with spaces, objects, and each other.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to talk about what YETi could do with this technology and your company. We hope to see you at GDC Next!

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