Rage Campaign: ​New Roaming Fortress Game Update Includes “Something For Everyone”


Grand Rapids, MI (March 4, 2013) – YETi CGI, a Grand Rapids-based game studio, released an update to Roaming Fortress, its popular iOS and Android tablet game, on March 4th on the iOS App Store with a Google Play update to follow later this month. The update is called the “Rage Campaign,” named after the new “Rage” magic in the update, and includes a new campaign, new enemy behaviors, and a new casual mode of gameplay. 

Bomb Goblin and Bomb Glider: 2 New Rage Enemies

Bomb Goblin and Bomb Glider: 2 New Rage Enemies

“There are a lot of new features in the ‘Rage Campaign’,” said Cory Heald, Design Lead of Roaming Fortress and Creative Lead at YETi CGI. “There is something for everyone.”
One feature is the new map called “The Road of Anak,” consisting of 16 levels and 4 bonus levels, 31 new squads, 8 new customizable fortresses, and all new enemy types and behaviors.

These new enemy behaviors are another feature of the “Rage Campaign.”

“In this campaign, there is a new aggressive magic called ‘Rage’,” said Heald. “Enemies under the power of Rage magic charge when they are attacked, making for much more intense gameplay.”

The more intense gameplay should not discourage more casual players, however. Another feature included in this update is “Easy Mode,” a casual mode of gameplay that can be selected on a level by level basis.


Rage Kings

Rage Kings

“Easy Mode is something our players have been asking for,” said Heald. “But instead of making the levels themselves easier, in Easy Mode, the player’s fortress is both stronger and levels up earlier in the level. Players can play all the way through in Easy Mode if they’d like. But don’t worry, just because you pick Easy Mode for one level, doesn’t mean you are stuck in Easy Mode for the entire game. You make the choice before each level.”

Roaming Fortress is an iOS and Android tablet game consisting of a unique mixture of strategy, defensive, and action game elements. Initially released on December 20th, 2012, Roaming Fortress was featured for three consecutive weeks on the Apple iOS App Store and has been downloaded over 200,000 times. On March 1st, Roaming Fortress received “Honorable Mention” for the 2013 Game Developer’s Conference “Best in Play.” Currently, YETi CGI is working on future content for Roaming Fortress and expanding it into new markets. For more onRoaming Fortress, visit www.roamingfortress.com

About YETi CGI

Founded in 2010, YETi CGI is a game design and production studio based in Grand Rapids, MI. Lead by Cory Heald (Creative Lead), Joshua Freeney (Technology Lead), and Ward Makielski (Design Lead), YETi specializes in creating original mobile and computer games and providing art and code-based outsource solutions. For more information on YETi CGI, visit www.yeticgi.com.