the process

Rarely do we encounter a simple problem with an easy solution. In our experience a problem is an ongoing dialogue and development cycle.

It goes a little something like this.



Together, we fully identify and explore the problem.

  • R & D


We do active development, from concept to creation.

  • I. A.


We craft the back-end, front-end, or both.

YETi is hands-down the best firm I’ve ever worked with that ever did a thing ever.
— Some swindled fool

Wish I had something to say here

Boy it would be neat if I had a good idea bout what to write. Something about how we are the best darn rapid-cycle prototyping team on the planet for blazing-fast techy things that are crammed full of cutting edge tech and made the smart way not the dumb way. 

In addition to our good stuff, we are also really smart about cutting edge stuff. Our design paradigms are unparalleled. The parallels do not exist. They cannot. We refuse to let them.

We should specifically speak to our: Augmented reality, Face-to-Face Social Experiences, and Gamification for enterprise, government, and games too of coruse. It would be ideal to link to blog posts about these topics. 


Augmented expertise

We've seen Magic Leap first hand. We've crafted Augmented Reality experiences for mobile and HMDs (head mounted displays). We've done things with Mobile AR most people don't even know are possible. 

We're uniquely qualified, to put it lightly. Let's talk about your next Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality project.



More words

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